Mowsbury GC history

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Course and Club Histoy

Bedford Borough Council established the Mowsbury Golf Complex in response to the growing demand for more accessible golf for its residents, with the course being opened in May 1975 . Mowsbury Golf Club was formed in 1975 to enable golfers to play competitive golf and gain officially recognised handicaps. The Club is affiliated to England Golf, Bedfordshire County Golf Union and Bedfordshire Ladies County Golf Association.

The leisure facility has now matured into a well maintained public course with spectacular views across the North Bedfordshire countryside and the county town. Designed by Martin Hawtree; the undulating 18-hole golf course offers a fair challenge to beginners and low handicap players alike with strategically placed ponds, ditches and bunkers waiting to claim any wayward shots.

The complex offers a warm welcome to all levels of golfer and has something for everyone from beginners of all ages learning a new skill on the practice ground to seasoned golfers looking to improve their skills both on and off the golf course. The floodlit driving range provides the ideal opportunity to practice and improve technique alongside the practice putting green.

The complex is operated by Fusion who manage all of the councils leisure facilities. A flexible range of green fees is offered from Pay & Play, with midweek and twilight discounts, through to 7 day annual packages. They all provide tremendous value for money some of which can be combined with local gym and swim facilities to provide an overall fitness package for a single monthly payment. For the younger golfer there is a progressive route from junior to adult green fees over twelve years to enable them to continue in golf at a very reasonable rate as their earning power increases.

Although originally developed for local residents Mowsbury welcomes all golfers and Golf Societies seven days a week with an extensive choice of options available.

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Past club captains

Year Club Captain Lady Captain Year Club Captain Lady Captain
1975 T.D. Williamson   1990 B. Roberts Mrs. J. Simpson
1976 T.D. Williamson Mrs. M. Plumb 1991 T.P. Devine Mrs. J. Devine
1977 P.R.C. Harris Mrs. S. Jackson 1992 D.E. Underwood Mrs. R. Houghton
1978 D.W. Phillips Mrs. S.W. McCrory 1993 E. Willars Mrs. S. Dixon
1979 F.R. Cansell Mrs. S.F. Williamson 1994 B. Leadbetter Miss J. St. Leger
1980 E.V. Buck Mrs. S.F. Williamson 1995 G.G. Wilson Miss J. St. Leger
1981 D.J.W. McCoy Mrs. P. Edwards 1996 I.R. Davis Mrs. A. Halford
1982 D.J. Coates Mrs. B. Gillett 1997 D.C. Lant Mrs. L.E. Kay
1983 B.G. Davies Mrs. C. Ash 1998 P.D. Lacey Mrs. D.K. Morgan
1984 D.M. Wilson Mrs. B. Smith 1999 N. Seymour Mrs. S.L. McCoy
1985 D.J. Ley Mrs. A. Kidd 2000 D. O'Meara Mrs. A. McGregor
1986 D.J. Ley Mrs. D. Moore 2001 A. Mattia Mrs. V. Willoughby
1987 P.R. Halliday Mrs. G. Pickett 2002 E. Tester Mrs. V. Willoughby
1988 R. Walpole Mrs. M. Watchorn 2003 B. Pulley Mrs. M. Allen
1989 R.I. Houghton Mrs. J. Davies 2004 I.R. Frost Mrs. L. Watts
Year Club Captain Lady Captain Year Club Captain Lady Captain
2005 S. Henman Mrs. P. Coombs 2020 A. Mattia Mrs E. Barrows
2006 J. Pope Mrs. R. Bottomley      
2007 A.L. Wright Mrs.E. Mackirdy      
2008 D. Malcolm Mrs. K. Hawking      
2009 D. Twigg Mrs. J.B. King      
2010 J.D. Broughton Mrs. K. Hawking      
2011 D.A. Harris Mrs. A. Hawking      
2012 M.W. Gray Mrs. A. Jones      
2013 P.R. Woods Miss E. Broughton      
2014 A. Hawking Mrs.E. Mackirdy      
2015 J. Jones Mrs. D. Cruz      
2016 G. Vergari Mrs. P. Coombs      
2017 M.G. Jennion Ms. H. Jamieson      
2018 K. Shirley Mrs E. Barrows      
2019 K. Mansfield Ms L. Jamieson      

Presidents of Mowsbury GC

Period of tenure President
1975 - 1977 T.R. Donnelly
1977 - 1979 G.B. Wake
1979 - 1980 G. Senior
1980 - 1981 D.W. Phillips
1981 - 1982 A.F. Upton
1982 - 1987 T.P. Devine
1987 - 2003 B.G. Davies
2003 - 2010 E. Willars
2010 - 2013 P.R. Halliday
2013 D.J.W. McCoy
2013-2018 E. Willars
2018-2019 Ms H. Jamieson
2019- C. Vergari