2019 General Committee and Past Presidents

PresidentCarlo Vergari..................................................................................Presidents of Mowsbury Golf Club
CaptainTony Mattia1975 - 1977T.R. Donnelly
Secretary Chris Hope1977 - 1979G.B. Wake
Treasurer Suky Sehmbi1979 - 1980G. Senior
Lady CaptainElaine Barrows1980 - 1981D.W. Phillips
Vice CaptainTBD1981 - 1982A.F. Upton
Lady Vice CaptainMaureen Hallett1982 - 1987T.P. Devine
Junior OrganiserRichard Allan1987 - 2003B.G. Davies
Competitions SecretaryJim Richardson2003 - 2010E. Willars
Immediate Past CaptainKevin Mansfield2010 - 2013P.R. Halliday
Playing MemberAlan Heaume2013D.J.W. McCoy
Playing MemberAnne McGregor2013-2018E. Willars
Playing MemberSteve Regolo2018-2019Ms H. Jamieson
Playing MemberClive Barton2019-Carlo Vergari

Captains and Lady Captains of Mowsbury Golf Club

YearClub CaptainLady CaptainYearClub CaptainLady CaptainYearClub CaptainLady Captain
1975T.D. Williamson1990B. RobertsMrs. J. Simpson2005S. HenmanMrs. P. Coombs
1976T.D. WilliamsonMrs. M. Plumb1991T.P. DevineMrs. J. Devine2006J. PopeMrs. R. Bottomley
1977P.R.C. HarrisMrs. S. Jackson1992D.E. UnderwoodMrs. R. Houghton2007A.L. WrightMrs.E. Mackirdy
1978D.W. PhillipsMrs. S.W. McCrory1993E. WillarsMrs. S. Dixon2008D. MalcolmMrs. K. Hawking
1979F.R. CansellMrs. S.F. Williamson1994B. LeadbetterMiss J. St. Leger2009D. TwiggMrs. J.B. King
1980E.V. BuckMrs. S.F. Williamson1995G.G. WilsonMiss J. St. Leger2010J.D. BroughtonMrs. K. Hawking
1981D.J.W. McCoyMrs. P. Edwards1996I.R. DavisMrs. A. Halford2011D.A. HarrisMrs. A. Hawking
1982D.J. CoatesMrs. B. Gillett1997D.C. LantMrs. L.E. Kay2012M.W. GrayMrs. A. Jones
1983B.G. DaviesMrs. C. Ash1998P.D. LaceyMrs. D.K. Morgan2013P.R. WoodsMiss E. Broughton
1984D.M. WilsonMrs. B. Smith1999N. SeymourMrs. S.L. McCoy2014A. HawkingMrs.E. Mackirdy
1985D.J. LeyMrs. A. Kidd2000D. O'MearaMrs. A. McGregor2015J. JonesMrs. D. Cruz
1986D.J. LeyMrs. D. Moore2001A. MattiaMrs. V. Willoughby2016G. VergariMrs. P. Coombs
1987P.R. HallidayMrs. G. Pickett2002E. TesterMrs. V. Willoughby2017M.G. JennionMs. H. Jamieson
1988R. WalpoleMrs. M. Watchorn2003B. PulleyMrs. M. Allen2018K. ShirleyMrs E. Barrows
1989R.I. HoughtonMrs. J. Davies2004I.R. FrostMrs. L. Watts2019K. MansfieldMs L. Jamieson
2020A. MattiaMrs E. Barrows

Men's and Ladies Club Champions

1976D.J.W. McCoy1991J. WhitbyMiss A. Loxley2006O. MonksMrs. K. Hawking
1977R. McCrory1992G. ElseyMrs. J. Mills2007J. DeanMrs. K. Hawking
1978T. Doyle1993J. BifieldMiss A. Ludford2008J. BrownMrs. K. Hawking
1979R. McCrory1994J. BifieldMiss A. Ludford2009J. BrownMrs. K. Hawking
1980A. Buck1995J. GarrattMiss N. Holmes2010S. BolgerMrs. A. Spina
1981D. Sandy1996J. GarrattMrs. M. McGregor2011A.M. HornerMiss J. Hubbard
1982T. Buck1997J. GarrattMrs. J. Powell2012S. BolgerMiss J. Hubbard
1983B. Ames1998J. GarrattMrs. V. Willoughby2013A.M. HornerMiss J. Hubbard
1984V. Di Sapia1999J. GarrattMrs. V. Willoughby2014S. BeddoeMrs. A. Jones
1985B. Dukic2000A.M. HornerMrs. V. Willoughby2015J. BrownMrs. A. Jones
1986D. Bennison2001T. JennionMrs. V. Willoughby2016M. TwiggMrs. A. Jones
1987D. BennisonMiss S. Tyrell2002A.M. HornerMrs. K. Osborne2017J. BrownMiss E. Broughton
1988D. BennisonMiss S. Tyrell2003M. Law Hing ChoyMrs. M. Taylor2018M. TwiggMiss B. Healey
1989M. ShattockMiss S. Darrah2004A. ButlerMrs. D. O'Gara2019J. BrownMiss B. Healey
1990T.A. WhiteMiss S. Tyrell2005S. BolgerMrs. V. Willoughby
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