The following provides answers to a number of basic questions raised by members. As new questions are raised the information will be updated.

Q1. How can I leave messages for other members on the website?
A1. The club's software partner is currently developing an app that will perform this function, however its not ready yet. In the meantime if you login to the "Members Only" section and then "Members Hub" you will find an area called "Join in Discussion" this will take you to a specific "posting" page for Mowsbury Golf Club members only. All postings can be added here. When the app is available members will be notified Our Bar & Restaurant is currently closed but will re-open under new Management in the next two weeks.
There will be a new menu and some great society packages available going into the new year
More details to follow

Q2. Why has the club invested in a new website?
A2. The club undertook a members survey in 2016. The key message from the survey results was that overall members wished to have more and easily accessible communication on club activities. The club also has an ageing membership, so its important to constantly recruit new members, the website will provide consistent and accurate information on the club and who to contact.

Q3. Why have you used Clubsystems as the website provider?
A3. Your committee agreed to Clubsystems following thorough investigation by the committee working group who have led on setting up the new website. The selection was based on a balance of price, easy to use and practical support by Clubsystems in case of issues with the site. Clubsystems are also continuing to enhance the product and the club will benefit in the longer terms from any enhancements. The club also uses Club V1 for competitions and members have access to How Did I Do. Both products are provided through Clubsystems and linked with the new website.

Q4. I’m a member, how do I access the “members only” section?
A4. As per the heading, this area of the site is accessible to members only as it carries both confidential information and specific information just for members. You will need an email address which is already held within the current clubsystem and password. If you haven’t already got an email address you will need to set one up. There are a range of suppliers eg BT, Microsoft, Virgin etc who can provide you with an address completely free of charge. Once you have an address you will need to “Register” (top right hand corner of the website) and then once registered you can login (again top right hand corner).

Q5. Is my personal information held in the system confidential?
A5. Yes it is. The information is held in exactly the same way as current with the Club V1 system you currently use when you login to enter competitions and competition results. You will also be able to choose to directly allow access to some or all of your personal information eg email address if you wish.

Q6. If I have a problem with accessing the site, issues with it or any suggestions who do I contact?
A6. The website has a heading called “Contact Us” so you can refer any comments through this section. You can also contact any of the committee working group for advice, Chris Hope, Terry Gardner, Mick Jennion, Karen Heaume or Suky Sehmbi.

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